Terms and conditions

Service Agreement between the Client and François-Xavier Pâque, SFXtranslated, hereinafter referred to as the Provider.

Article 1 – Provider Obligations

1.1 – Provider obligations
The Provider undertakes to provide the services to the best of its ability, using all of its expertise and skills and doing everything in its power to ensure that the Client is fully satisfied. The Provider must keep the Client informed of the progress of the Services, and inform Client of any difficulty the Provider may encounter in performing its obligations under this agreement.

1.2 – Legal Status
The Provider undertakes to inform the Client of Provider's corporate, legal, and fiscal status. The Client reserves the right to require proof that Provider is in good standing with all of the relevant government agencies. The Client confirms that it is in compliance with applicable labour laws.

Article 2 – Client Obligations

2.1 – The Client undertakes to:
a. Make sure that the Provider receives the information and materials required for the Services in good time.
b. Pay for the Services in accordance with Article 5 of this agreement.
c. Inform the Provider in the event of court-ordered reorganization or liquidation, by registered letter with return receipt, to enable Provider to register its claims with the competent authority within the required time-frame.

2.2 – Cancelation
The Client may not cancel a sale if the client requests the Provider in a separate writing to provide goods or services without delay because of an urgency or an emergency, and/or the Provider in good faith makes a substantial beginning of performance of the contract before the Client gives notification of cancelation.

Article 3 - Responsibilities

The Client must appoint someone to be the Provider's contact person. The Provider appoints François-Xavier Pâque as the person in charge of providing the Services.

Article 4 - Term

The Services will be provided within the deadline, as agreed between the Client and the Provider.

Article 5 – Payment Terms

a. The Client shall pay the invoices upon receipt, by the means agreed with the Provider.
b. If payment is not made by the due date:
b'. The Provider reserves the right to suspend the agreement.
b''. The Client will be charged a late payment penalty of 9% per year, taking effect on the date the invoice was issued and for a minimum penalty fee of € 50.00.
b'''. If the Client fails to pay within 30 days of the due date, the Provider may automatically terminate the agreement.

Article 6 - Confidentiality

The Provider hereby agrees to keep confidential all information it receives in the performance of the Services relative to the Client's business, organization and personnel. The Provider agrees not to disclose said confidential information to others, except with the express prior consent of the Client, and to comply with this non-disclosure clause unless and until the Client itself has disclosed said information to others.

Article 7 – Governing Law

The validity, performance, interpretation and termination of this Agreement shall be construed in accordance with and governed by Belgian Law.
The parties agree to make every effort to reach an amicable settlement for any dispute arising from the performance, interpretation or termination of this Agreement. If an amicable settlement cannot be reached, the dispute shall be referred to the Commercial Court of Liège, Belgium.