Medical, scientific or pharmaceutical translation in Liège

Need an effective and thorough partner to translate your medical and scientific documents ? The medical translation agency SFX Translated has a network of professional translators who can provide you with medical and scientific translations from and to a wide range of languages. These translators have expert knowledge of the medical sector and experience in these specific domains.

Translation of medical documents, medical studies and medical and pharmaceutical reports

Our translators who specialise in medical and scientific translation can provide translations from and to languages as varied as French, English, German, Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish, Romanian, Russian, Chinese, Arabic, Italian and more.

Some of our specialisms in medical and scientific translations:

Medical translations

Pharmaceutical translations

  • Translation of medicine leaflets
  • Translation of pharmaceutical technologies
  • Translation of instructions for medical devices
  • Translation of presentations
  • etc.

As well as broader translations, such as registration procedures, marketing authorisations, packaging or marketing elements, websites, clinical trials, medical invoices, etc.

Medical and scientific translations carried out by professional translators

Our medical translation agency can translate your medical, scientific and pharmaceutical documents and their associated texts thanks to a network of professional translators. These translators specialise in medical and scientific translations and are trained to provide you with a perfect translation.

Our translation quotes are based on the complexity of the text, the number of words, the language and the deadline.

All translations performed by SFX undergo a thorough proofreading process so that you can be confident your document is accurate and precise.

Don’t wait any longer to benefit from professional work at the best price.